About Us


Good Samaritan Global Technologies Limited is an indigenous Information Communications Technology, a research and development organization in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Our organization specializes in anything relating to Information Technology and renewable energy systems. We design different renewable energy concept for public usage including the Smart grid, Tide, Wave Wind, Solar and experts in ICT.

Our team of engineers and researchers works towards achieving common goal, finding lasting solutions to clean energy challenges facing the developing countries and making this world a global village.

We are able to come up with some state of art technologies concepts awaiting prototype development before releasing it to the manufacturing companies for the market.Our organization just concluded a test on prototype on tide wave energy called Two Wings Tide Turbines (TWTT) which can power rural communities that do not have access to national grid.

Our CEO/Chairman Mr. Abiodun Abraham Adebanjo(Former Manager at Source Systems limited) was privileged to attend a Rural Energy 2016 conference at Fairbanks , Alaska in United States and he was able to present Proof-Of-Concept of one of our innovations to Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) team of experts from ACEP after the Rural Energy 2016 conference.

Finally, we are ready to bring our innovations to door-steps of university, government, research centers, agency and investors willing to partner with us on the development of these concepts.