We pursue research and development (R&D) to develop prototypes/models are applicable to multi-faceted industries including defense, security, safety, health, education, aviation and alternative power.


Tidal power or tidal energy is a form of hydropower that convert the energy obtained from the tides into electricity. Greater tidal variation and higher tidal current velocities can dramatically increase the potential of a site for tidal electricity generation.

We are in a position to convert a river flowing site to tidal power station without any side effects on ecological development and marines species. Converting seabed and surface flowing water from mechanical use to electrical power is easy carry out with different location site. The two wings tidal technology power we designed in our organization is capable of generating up to 500000 Watt depending on the velocity of the flowing especially if the are in uniform.

Information Communications Technology and Renewable Energy

Good Samaritan Global Technologies Ltd is an Information Communications Technology and renewable energy designer and consultant organization.

We design and manufacture software and renewable energy machinery for private and government entities within and outside Oyo State. Our engineers and professionals are on ground to move into action provided the logistics to our client technical challenges are details. In addition to that, our experts comes up with solution that will enhance the longevity of the technical matter and the hardware provided.

Finally, we believe that our services will make our clients to call us again when they see the kind of services will provide.


GSGT is committed to the betterment of Nigeria; and as result making Nigeria a better world neighbor.


Good Samaritan Global Technologies, Limited;

2/3 Police Post beside Saint Anne’s Church,

Challenge Ibadan,

Oyo State,


Email :info@gsgtechltd.com, research@gsgtechltd.com


Tel Number:  234 907 073 7085, 234 818 703 1742