Tidal Technology


This is a improvement in gas turbine combustion chambers with agent of fuel reduction that generate heat flame by itself hereby reduces the amount of fuel been injected into the chamber including the un-burnt hydrocarbon,carbon monoxide and soot. This combustion’s are able to operate with variety of inlet pressure,temperature and mass flow.

This technology is applicable for power generation and aircraft propulsion systems and is applicable for space technology innovation . The introduction of this application will call for the restructuring of the combustion chamber in order to accommodate the installation of agents of fuel reduction according to the fuel injector timer devices.

The agent of fuel reduction(AFR) will be activated when the turbine engines are in operation with normal fuel injection into the combustion chamber causing both of them to work together until certain temperature are reach which call for the fuel injectors timer to be activated. Fuel injector timer (FIT)will be injecting fuel into the combustion chamber at a certain time program into there systems according to the combustion chamber temperature control system(CCTCS) which will be relating with the FIT in terms of interaction. The level of interaction among FIT/AFR and CCTCS will be determine by the kind of applications they are using them for e.g aircraft propulsion application(turbine engine). The interaction will be determined by the atmospheric pressure/temperature for normal co-ordination smooth turbine engine operations at different altitude of the aircraft.

This concept/theory research has been going on for more than 20 years with different phases of studies and interaction with many sector in research industries.