Storm Safety Helicopter Propeller


It is not all the helicopters that are capable of operating during the search and rescue missions due to the types of propellers/design shapes they are made of including the safety measures been up in place by the manufacturers.

This propeller design are capable of wading through the wind storms. Software simulation applications will create another avenue of redesigning helicopters shape when installing this propellers to the new helicopters body.

The blades are made with normal alloys with a shapes which easily wade through the heavy storm surface with the help of upper/lower  swashplates control systems with pitch control rod. Changing of propeller level and angles by the pilots will give him/her control over the storms current.the collective changes the pitch angle of all the main rotor blades collectively and independent of their position.

Therefore, if a collective input is made, all the blades changes equally and as a result, the helicopter increases or decreases its total lift derived from the rotor.