Tidal Technology Application


This is another means of generating clean power through the gift of natures. This is an application where hydro-kinetic principles are involved.

Tidal power or tidal energy is a form of hydropower that convert the energy obtained from the tides into electricity. Greater tidal variation and higher tidal current velocities can dramatically increase the potential of a site for tidal electricity generation.

We are in a position to convert a river flowing site to tidal power station without any side effects on ecological development and marines species. Converting seabed and surface flowing water from mechanical use to electrical power is easy carry out with different location site. The two wings tidal technology power we designed in our organization is capable of generating up to 1MW depending on the velocity of the flowing especially if the are in uniform.

We carried out the study of the center point where the pillars that will old the tidal technology dynamo will stand carrying out the uniform/non uniform of the water flows will determine where the two wings turbines will be structured so that the weight of the turbines will not be too heavy for the flowing water to turns hereby increasing the dynamo acceleration.

The velocity/acceleration is equals to the power output from the dynamo. The seabed tidal generation is low compared to the surface application and design. This application is good in the rural area where they lack access to national power grids, this application is only possible where the owner of the land/community grand the land use to the company that want to install this power generating technology in their villages.

Artificially made river can also be use for tidal technology, but cannot be 100% effective as the natural ones. Artificial tidal technology can be created in the desert region if their is enough fund because is going to be capital intensive when constructing it and it will be the best when we have access to water channels underground. This is the best means of generating clean energy in any part of the world.