This was is another state-of-art technology application that use Global System for Mobiles (GSM) or Code Division Multiple Access(CDMA) to operates. This alarm systems is capable of operating itself when run out of battery through the solar panels.

This alarm systems are useful at home,offices,industries,park and forest etc. A firefighter station will receive a distress call without anyone calling when their is a fire outbreak where this systems are been installed.

This application acts inform of networking with firefighter station which is been closely monitored from the fire stations. A monitoring room are set aside in all firefighter stations with a wall flat screen monitors which which has connectivity with all this devices and any of this devices will easily be located when malfunction where a new device is quickly been replaced.

This devices are highly sensitive to the surrounding temperature which easily triggered alarm systems to the fire stations. It also signal any human stranded for easy rescue/evacuation to the safety area environment.

This devices are incapacitated when the Global Systems for Mobile or Code Division Multiple Access are down. A software inside the device are programmed to co-ordinate with the environment weather/temperature in all seasons for normal updating to the software program including firefighter station updating all these devices from their control rooms.

Finally, this devices are enclosed with many chips connected together which are easy to carry about.